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Quite a few questions arise during the identification of a cartridge:

  • What calibre is the cartridge?
  • What is the meaning of the colour code on the bullet tip?
  • What is the head stamp telling us?
  • Who made it?
  • When was it made?
  • Where is it coming from?
  • What type of ammuniton is it? ....... and more

To answer these and all the other questions usually takes time and requires detailed literature. The determination of the specific caliber is also a difficult task if the cartridge in question is not in one of the obvious calibers. Literature about color codes is rare and spread across many books and publications. There are a multitude of headstamps that require also detailed literature and finally we need a database of the manufacturers of ammunition and components.

CartWinPro unites all these tasks into a single software. The keys to sucess are the

and the easy access to the relevant data with easy to use search entries.

Current number of records see on the front page.

The following databases with information fields are available:
(The information of a sample record is displayed as "i.e")



Headstamp database

with graphical correctly displayed headstamps,
their origin, the manufacturer, the meaning
of the individual codes and a picture of the headstamp

Available fields :

  • Layout
  • Country of origin (i.e. Germany - 1949)
  • Headstamp type (i.e. German military code 1940 - 1945)
  • Era (i.e. 1943)
  • Style/ Appearance (i.e. Normal (Negative))
  • Note (info text)
  • Meaning of code 1 (i.e. Manufacturer of cartridge - code)
  • Meaning of code 2 (i.e. Year of manufacturing - short cut - (19..) last digits)
  • Meaning of code 3 (i.e. Code for case material: brass)
  • Meaning of code 4 (i.e. Lot number)
  • Meaning of code 5
  • Meaning of code 6
  • Meaning of code 7
  • Meaning of code 8
  • Literatur sources (book reference)

  • plus a picture of the headstamp if available (see picture on the left side)

Information in the fields are entered on availability.


Five different font sets are enclosed with the program so other characters and symbols can be displayed and searched.

Once installed these fonts can also be used in applications as WinWord and others!

(Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic and symbols)

i.e. the symbol font

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Manufacturer database

with the address, homepage, e-mail, phone and information
about the company, the type of manufacturer
and a picture of the companies logo

Available fields:

  • Country of origin (i.e. Germany, F.R.G. (1949 - ...))
  • Factory type (i.e. ammunition factory)
  • Manufacturer Code (i.e. MEN)
  • Factory name (i.e. Metallwerk Elisenhütte GmbH (MEN))
  • Holding (i.e.Ferrostaal AG / MAN-Konzern (Fritz Werner Industrie-Ausrüstungen GmbH))
  • Address 1 (i.e. Elisenhütte 10)
  • Address 2 (further information)
  • Address 3 (further information)
  • P.O.Box (i.e. Postfach 1263)
  • City (i.e. Nassau/ Lahn)
  • Zip code (i.e. D-56377)
  • State/ Province (i.e.Hessen)
  • Phone (i.e. +49 2604 78-0)
  • Fax (i.e. +49 2604 78115)
  • Telex (number)
  • Telegram address (usually on older entries)
  • Homepage (i.e.
  • E-mail (i.e.
  • Era (i.e. 1957 - ...)
  • Brand names (i.e. MEN, PTP, PEP, Quick Defence)
  • Precessor (if applicable)
  • Successor (if applicable)
  • Notes (info text)
  • Literatur sources (book reference)
  • plus the logo if available (see picture on the left side)

Information in the fields are entered on availability.

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Units can be changed between inch ...

.... and millimeter with a few mouse clicks

9 mm Luger

Caliber database

with the measurements of the cartridge by lenght and diameter,
synonym names for this calibres,
its intention,
information about the history, availability,
firearms used in this caliber

Available fields:

  • Technical name ( im mm i.e. 9 x 19)
  • Calibre synonyms (i.e.9 mm Luger 9 mm Para, 9 mm Suomi ...)
  • Ignition (i.e center fire))
  • calibre type (i.e military calibre)
  • Intention of the calibre (pistol, submachine gun, revolver, rifle)
  • Firearms in this calibre as examples
    (i.e.Semi Auto: Mauser 08, Browning High Power M 35)
    (Rifles: US S&W Light Rifle M 1940, Marlin Camp Carbine)
    (Submachine Guns: German MP 38 & 40, British Sten Mk I, II, III, V)
  • Production period (i.e. 1902 - )
  • Availability (Currently in production)
  • Data source (CIP drawing)
  • Literature sources
    (i.e. White, H.P. & Munhall, B. (1948). Cartridge Identification, Vol 1 Centerfire Metric Pistol and Revolver Cartridges. Infantry Journal Pres. Washington, page 49 -52)

  • plus the scaled dimensional drawing on the screen (see pictures on the left side)

Information in the fields are entered on availability.

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(.50 Spotter)

Color code database

with information of the tip, mouth, base and
annulus colors, shapes and the meaning of them
in conjunction with the caliber.

Available fields:

  • Country of origin (i.e. USA)
  • Type (i.e. Observation/ Tracer)
  • Tip ring 1 (i.e RAL 1018 Zinc yellow)
  • Tip ring 2 (i.e RAL 3002 Carmine red)
  • Tip ring 3 (color)
  • Bullet (info text)
  • Case (info text)
  • Case mouth (color)
  • Case head (color)
  • Case head shape (shape description)
  • Primer annulus (i.e RAL 3003 Ruby red)
  • Primer (color)
  • Case ring 1 (color)
  • Case ring 2 (color)
  • Case ring 3 (color)
  • Flute color (color)
  • Flute color in the bullet (color)
  • Notes (info text)
  • Literatur soures (i.e. Huon, Jean (1988). Military rifle and machine gun cartridges. Alexandria VA.: Ironside International Inc. 0-935554-05X, page 329)

  • plus the scaled drawing of the color coding (see picture on the left side)
    (The color code will be displayed on the standard cartridge shape from the calibre database)

Information in the fields are entered on availability.

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Collection database

this database contains complete cartridges with headstamp,
color codes, manufacturer, caliber information
and additional information about the cartridge like its properties
(weights, material, color of components ….) plus pictures of the
headstamp, the complete cartridge, the packing and the label
or other interesting details.

Available fields:

  • sampled cartridge status (i.e complete cartridge)
  • Country of origin (i.e Germany (... - 1949))
  • Type (i.e Observation cartridge)
  • Model name (i.e B-Patrone v (auch für Tropen))
  • Year (i.e 1943)
  • Production period (i.e 1940 - 1945)
  • Production status (i.e obsolete)
  • Weapons (i.e made for the German aircraft machine gun MG 17)
  • Lot number (i.e 1. Lot 1943)
  • Total weight (i.e 24,95 g - 385 grs)
  • Magnetic (i.e projectile)
  • Velocity (i.e 830 m/s - 2723 fps))
  • Energy (i.e 3737 Joule - 2755 foot pound)
  • Projectile type (i.e Spitzer)
  • Projectile weight (i.e 10,85 g - 167.4 grs)
  • Projectile material (i.e Steel, gilding metal plated)
  • Projectile color (i.e brass)
  • Proj. cannelures (i.e 1)
  • Number of holes in the projectile (number if applicable)
  • Number of flutes in the projectile (number if applicable)
  • Engraved text (text if applicable)
  • Text on projectile (text if applicable)
  • Rotating band (on larger calibre cartridges)
  • Rotating band color (color if applicable)
  • Tip material color (different color if applicable)
  • Sabot material (material if applicable)
  • Sabot color (color if applicable)
  • Projektile contains (i.e.Phosphorus)
  • Core Hardness (if applicable)
  • Fastening (i.e Interrupted strangulation)
  • Case material (i.e Brass)
  • Case color (i.e Brass)
  • Case head color (different color if applicable)
  • Case cannelures (number if applicable)
  • Number of holes in the case (number if applicable)
  • Number of flutes in the case (number if applicable)
  • Text on the case (text if applicable)
  • Ignition (i.e Centre fire modern Berdan))
  • Primer material (i.e Brass)
  • Primer material color (i.e Brass)
  • Primer fastening (i.e With 3 punches))
  • Powder type (i.e Tubular)
  • Powder color (in RAL colors)
  • Powder weight (in gram and grain)
  • Powder notes (i.e NC-rifle powder made by "mog" = 24. lot of 1941)
  • Packed in
    (i.e 3 stripper clips of 5 rounds per cardboard box
    20 cardboard boxes per "Packhülse 88" = 300 rds
    5 "Packhülse 88" per case = 1500 rds

    Cartridges could be packed without stripper clips!
    This cartridge was not packed with stripper clips)
  • Notes
  • Literatur sources

  • plus pictures of the cartridge, the headstamp the box and other details if available (see pictures on the left side)

Information in the fields are entered on availability.

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In a printed format our databases would currently fill a book with over 13.000 pages!





All databases can be searched on every field and information displayed. The search fields can easily be combined by the user to his specific needs. Just double click on the available field and it will be part of the search.

  • Searches for the physical length or a diameter will be conducted with a user defined tolerance.
  • Synonym name searches for 9 mm Para, 9 x 19 or even the Swedish name 9 mm sk ptr m/39 B or even parts of it (i.e." Para") will find 9 mm Luger.
  • Colors can be searched by the specific color (defined as RAL) or by color groups (i.e. red color group).
  • Text fields can be searched for contained text strings (i.e. for "Bellot" in Sellier & Bellot).
  • Dimensions can be switched to mm or inches.

... for example the search menu for color codes

(example for a color code search)

Once the record has been found it needs one click to see if other records are related (i.e. see all the cartridges of the searched manufacturer or all cartridges of a selected caliber, headstamp or color code).

The answer to your question appears on the screen within a split of a second!


Source information


To give credit to sources a literature database is also included.

Books or publications where information can be found are listed by title, information type and page.

(example the caliber information of .50 Spotter)


The software is multilingual and can currently be switched to
English (US and GB version), French, Dutch, Spanish and German, Portuguese, Brasilian Portuguese. Czech and Italian are in preparation.


All five databases can be extended with own input. If desired the own cartridge collection can be entered and searched with CartWinPro as well. The input windows are very comfortable to use. The definition of a caliber, the colors of the complete cartridges or the headstamp is very easy to do.


Update policy


customer support

All databases are regularly updated. Database updates are usually available every 4 weeks via On request the updates are available on other storage media i.e. CD every 6 month. CartWinPro comes with a one year free update service on the databases and the software.

In addition we offer our CartWinPro users a closed forum/ bulletin board where tips and tricks for the advanced use of CartWinPro are given and where new or interesting developments in the world of ammuniton are noted.

Our forensic CartWinPro users have a closed part of the forum where they can contact other forensic CartWinPro users from around the world on ammunition topic and ask question which will stay inside the trade.

....... and certainly we do our best to answer our customers question if they send them to us direct.


PDF-demo files

Here you can download the pdf-version (6.2 Mb) of our guided tour through CartwinPro3.
To get to the next page in the presentation please use the up/ down arrows.
For technical reasons we had to split up this presentation in different topics. So please start the information about the different databases individually. In CartWinPro they are all combined.
Please be aware that due to software improvements minor changes to the actual CartWinPro version can be encountered.


For more information and a detailed animated description of CartWinPro please see our presentation on the free info CD-ROM. We will be glad to send it to your department if you drop us a line.

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